Montana 4-H celebrates 100 years in 2012!  In Teton County, we are celebrating the past, present and possibilities at the Teton County 4-H Fair held in Choteau at the Pavilion and Weatherbeater  Arena Wednesday, June 20 through Saturday, June 23.  On tap this year at the fair, we have over 1000 exhibits by area 4-H members that will be judged and displayed.  We also have 25 beef, 43 swine and 13 lambs registered, as well as goats, dogs, cats, poultry, and rabbits.  Most events, free and open to the public, will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Just as the 4-H program in Montana has seen changes over the years, the Teton County 4-H Fair has seen a number of changes.  Recent visits with Teton County 4-H alumni, as well as research in historical documents, revealed that the Teton County 4-H Fair has been held in various locations, including area schools, the rodeo grounds, the stockyards, as well as the current location of the Choteau Pavilion and Weatherbeater Arena.

The Weatherbeater Arena was built in 1984 and has given the animal shows at the fair cover from varying weather conditions for the last 30 years.  The Teton County 4-H Fair, which was once held in mid-July, is now held on the last full weekend of June.  Several changes have been made to the schedule since the shift to June in 1999, but some things have remained consistent.  Traditionally, swine and sheep have shown on Friday and beef on Saturday with a Chuckwagon Dinner and livestock sale on Saturday evening.  The dog show, followed by the textile show, have been the main events for the Friday night offerings at the fair and have remained there for several years.  The textile show includes 4-H members modeling the items they have created, as well as showing their quilted projects.  A family dance has followed on Friday night at the Pavilion for several years.  This year people can have a great time celebrating to the music styling of Annie Olson on Friday night – maybe we will even hear some favorite dance tunes from the past 100 years!  Most small animal shows take place this year on Thursday afternoon at the Weatherbeater.  The static exhibit judging will be on Wednesday afternoon and evening, and the Pavilion will be open to the public for viewing Thursday through Saturday.