I would like to thank my friend Marie Ostrem for doing such a wonderful job reading "Montana History" for me up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby while I was gone the past couple of weeks.Thank you Marie! The Puffman is back(!) & I'll be there tonight (Tuesday) at 6 to read more of that Montana History. When I left, I gave Marie 2 books, one on the Hi-Line & the other from an author I met at the Montana Storytellers Roundup this spring. I told Marie to sit down, relax, & read until I got back. I'm not sure if the good woman finished our Hi-Line book and/or if she got started on "Penny Postcards & Prairie Flowers" by Phillip Burgess. I'll find out tonight when I get there. See you this evening at 6 at the Marias Heritage Center for more "Montana History".