One of the very best books I have read at the Marias Heritage Center is a saga set in the towns of Great Falls and Conrad. I've done several blogs on this beautiful presentation by Jayne Pearson Faulkner, a young girl growing up in the 1940's in Great Falls without a father and for awhile, "no place to belong". The book is "The Place of Belonging" and Jayne truly tells what it was like to be born to a single mother in the 40's in Great Falls. While Jayne is still a kid, her mom meets a fellow at church in Great Falls, marries and moves to his Conrad area farm to enjoy a wonderful fully rounded life. Her grandmother even comes along in the deal as she is "part of the package". Hats off to this fellow she married! I loved the book and can't wait to finally talk with Jayne tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at 4:35 on my Puffman Show. By the way, that Conrad farm where Jayne found her "place of belonging" remains in the family to this day with another generation poised to carry on the family's heritage. The farm in every way and aspect changed her life and Jayne hopes that readers gain a little insight into that period, and that there is a "place of belonging" for everyone, though finding it is not always easy. I invite you to tune in tomorrow afternoon and I'm sure after the interview, you'll be more than anxious to read Jayne's tome. Visit Carmichael Publishing on the web. It only retails for $13.99 and NO, I won't loan out my copy!