The Friends of the Toole County Library here in Shelby will be holding their Book Sale this afternoon (Thursday).With cold winter nights on the way, why not stock up on a couple of good reads! Come pick up a book & help out our library at the same time between 5 this afternoon & 8 o'clock tonight. The Book Sale will be going on at the usual the white building next to Hong Kong Chans on Back Street. Thinking about Hong Kong Chans, I'm working up a hunger already & it's only mid morning! Every time I eat that Chinese food, I get hungry all over again a few minutes later! Hope to see you today at the Book Sale. What's your favorite Chinese food? I'd like to hear from you on my Puffman Blog. I like ANYTHING sweet & sour along with some hot & sour soup. Perhaps they'll have a book or two on Chinese cooking this afternoon at the Book Sale.