I got a comment on one of my Puffman Blogs the other day. It was to the effect: "Puffman, I read your blogs. You ought to be on the stage...the next STAGE out of town". Speaking of "those kinds of stages"...there's quite the day this Saturday down in Dupuyer. It all kicks off Saturday afternoon at the Dupuyer Elementary School with real honest-to-goodness stage coach rides beginning at 4. This sounds more than cool, I grew up as a kid in the 1950's, watching the late Art Weber and his Six Gun Playhouse on KFBB television, our very first television station, and old Art used to host all those great black and white westerns with Johnny Mack Brown, Lash LaRue and Gabby Hayes. There were a ton or stage coaches in those afternoon thrillers! When the stage coaches grind to a halt, there's a prime rib dinner with dessert at the Dupuyer Community Hall from 5 until 6:15. The prime rib is home grown and "Grizzly tenderized" for flavor. The kids not only serve the meal, they do the dishes to boot! Saturday night's performance is "Ridin' the Range" and these kids are certainly to be commended. Right after the dinner at 6:30, the Dupuyer School students are putting on a play and from what I understand, they do a marvelous job every year, and coupled with the stage coach rides, this should prove to be a well worthwhile evening for all of us here in the Golden Triangle. John Dunnigan will also be on hand Saturday evening and I don't have to tell you who John Dunnigan is. See you this Saturday in Dupuyer. Just another of the many reasons why we are so blessed to live here in north central Montana.