Legendary broadcaster Bob Norris is back in town and he'll be joining me (I'm the Puffman!) LIVE in the studio this afternoon (Friday) on the Puffman Show. Bob blew into town to help celebrate my 14 year anniversary with KSEN/K 96 Radio this month! We'll talk about when "radio was radio" and what's it like to spend most of your adult life in this swinging, swirling world of show biz. I think I've been here a long time (July 1998) but old Bob first "kicked our towers" here at KSEN back in 1959. In fact, Bob started in Shelby the time of the Yellowstone earthquake. I believe the first song he played on the air was "Whole Lot of Shaking Going On". It was either that or "I Feel The Earth Move". Then again, it could have been "Tossing and Turing"...I'll ask him when he gets here today. I'm more than excited to have broadcaster Norris in the studio with me...I'm used to dealing with the man on a cell phone from Phoenix! Bob Norris and the Puffman today (Friday) at 2:30. See you then. In the meantime, I gotta' get on the horn to the Shelby Promoter and request someone to come over to take pictures and do a feature story for next week's Promoter. After all, this really is the swinging, swirling world of show biz.