Glacier County:

  • Pardue Road Closed
  • Johnson Road Closed
  • Welch Road Closed
  • BIA Route 1 Browning to Heart Butte is open, but water is running across the road at Heart Butte
  • Several other rural roads are closed, but posted, watch for signs

More counties after the jump:

Liberty County

  • No Road Closures

Pondera County:

  • Midway West closed from Healy Springs to the Frontage Road
  • Middle Fork Road Closed Highway 89 to County Line
  • Gypsy Basin Road Closed Highway 89 to Middle Fork
  • Stoltz Road closed
  • Roads open but water flowing across them
  • Highway 44 west of Valier at mile marker 3
  • Swift Dam Road by the Stenson Place
  • Buffalo Ridge Road
  • Molly's Nipple Road
  • Kingsbury Colony Road
  • Old Shelby Highway north of Conrad by the rodeo grounds

Teton County:

  • Wavin Campbell Road (Blackleaf Canyon) is closed
  • 26th Lane NE and 27th Lane NE are closed south of 8th Road NE (Power to Fairfield)
  • Water across teh road on Sherman Lane west of Choteau
  • County Line Road east of Fairfield has water across the road between 12th and 13th Lanes

Toole County:

  • No road closures
  • Williamson park is flooded up to the Gazebo