This entertainer's real name is Alexandra Pitsavas and she goes by "Alkea". Aleka was born near the foot of Mount Olympus, Greece and she's going to be one of the great entertainers this weekend at the 18th Annual Montana Storytelling Roundup in Cut Bank. Aleka, who, in my opinion, looks like Susan (Terry Hatcher) from Desperate Housewives, has put together a beautiful CD entitled "White Darkness". I'll be spinning a selection or two this afternoon (Monday) on the Puffman Show when Aleka joins me at 4:30 as my special guest. Of her CD she writes, "someone once shared with me that there are only two guarantees in life...birth and death, So, what is before, in between and beyond". Wait, I think I know the answer: The 18th Annual Storytelling Roundup this weekend in Cut Bank at the high school. In both light and dark Aleka's music draws us as eager moths to a soothing flame. As we glissade her melodies light the meaning of our own lives forms a silhouette which when we listen, we see and feel. And besides, if she sings half as good as she looks, this should be a dynamite CD. That's here from her now from the politically correct Puffman!