The staff at KSEN and K96-fm congratulates Dwaine Iverson on receiving the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants' highest honor. (Dwaine's daughter, Holly Iverson, is an account rep for KSEN and K96.) 

The following is a press release from the MSCPA:

The Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants (MSCPA) is proud to announce Dwaine J. Iverson as the recipient of the 2013 George D. Anderson Distinguished Service Award.  The George D. Anderson Distinguished Service Award is given annually to a member of MSCPA whose contribution to the accounting profession and involvement in community, charitable and civic activities merit the Society’s outstanding recognition. 

Mr. Iverson’s award was presented to him during MSCPA’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in Missoula on June 20th.  In his acceptance speech, with his wife Barbara and all six of his children present, Dwaine expressed how meaningful this award is to him, “It means a lot to be chosen as president of the Society but to be selected by your peers for your professional accomplishments is really amazing.  I don’t think there’s any higher recognition than from your peers.”

Dwaine has been a CPA in Shelby since 1977, working at the time for the firm Hamilton Misfeldt.  On May 4, 1992 he bought the Shelby office and, on that same day, he shot par in golf for the first time.  “It’s harder to apply the large firm principles to the way you practice in a small town.  You have to have more involvement in controversial local issues—you must be a leader and willing to take on those challenges.”

Taking on challenges in his community has always been a trademark of Dwaine’s professionalism. One year he was President of the local Chamber, President of Jaycees and Exalted Ruler of the Elks all while Barb was pregnant with their sixth child. “I worked hard to make people feel like I was part of this community; like I was one of them.”  He also took over as Chairman of the board at Toole County hospital at a time when the institution was in dire straits; a position he held for six years.  When he stepped down the hospital was $3 million in the black and back on stable ground.  “I’ve always applied my skills to my community. As CPAs I think we have a special talent to assist our communities in a lot of areas.  Our work is critical to them.”

Dwaine served as president of the Montana Society of CPAs in 2005-2006.  During his term he established the Managing Partners Group—a committee he facilitates still, as well as—a website designed to help attract Montana accounting graduates who have left the state to come back home for their careers.

            The George D. Anderson Award is the highest honor given by the Montana Society of CPAs and Dwaine shares the credit, “Having a good support staff back at the office, at home, has allowed me to give back. Barb has made this possible. Without her support no way it would have happened.  I look at this award as a sign of the accomplishments in my business life.  My kids are my accomplishments in my personal life.”

The Montana Society of CPAs is a professional association comprised of nearly 1700 members worldwide.  The mission of the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants is to inspire, empower and impact members to achieve professional excellence.

Left to Right: Holly Iverson, Kristi Aklestad, Barb Iverson, Dwaine Iverson, John Iverson, Lisa Grainey, Colleen Gambil, Becki Chase.