Or in this case, moving on down...depending on what direction you're coming from! "Recycle Shelby" has moved to their new location thanks to a partnership with the Montana Department of Transportation. The Shelby Recycling Association has moved the recycling center to the former Pizza Depot (I sure miss that thin crust pizza!) at the north end of the viaduct. There's 3 recycling containers on the former Pizza Depot site. The aluminum/tin trailer: paper bin and cardboard bin. A roll-off is available connected to the aluminum/trailer bin for those unable to get climb up on the trailer to recycle their cans. The City of Shelby reminds you to leave your cans in there and an association member will place them into the trailer for you. Service with a smile! There's also a dumpster on the west side of the site to dump bags, sacks and trash that should not be left in bins. You might want to print this blog out as a constant reminder to follow the rules of the trailers, bins and Shelby Mayor, Dr. Larry J. Bonderud. Clean recyclables brings extra bucks for the continuation of the recycling program here in Shelby. Let's all take pride in our community and do what we can for future generations