It looks to me like we'll be wrapping up the Mary Ronan book, "Girl from the Gulches" tonight (Tuesday) during "Montana History" up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. Next up: Award winning author Lenore McKelvey Puhek's new book, the sequel to "Forever Friends", "No Time for Tears". I've been waiting since "Forever Friends" to delve into this new read. It's like a soap opera, so it is! Puhek who drives a Buick holds a BA in English/Writing from Carroll College & this is her 4th book in the series of writing about pioneer women. I don't want to say that Puhek is old or anything, but last time I spoke with her, she was churning butter & getting ready to catch the stage into town! Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 6 at the Marias Heritage Center for our Tuesday evening "Montana History". I've learned more up there the past couple of years reading "Montana History" than I all my years in high school including two summers of "Summer School" & 2 courses of Print Shop! No wonder I graduated in the bottom of my class! See you tonight at 6 for more "Montana History" at the Heritage.