"Follow the money", that's a quote from congressman Allard K. Lowenstein. My guest this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 will be Steven S. Sadleir, author of the book "Money & Power-The Secret History". Sadleir is a best-selling author who's education and experience as an economist, international banker, fund adviser and guru enables us to clearly see how the world really works and what is really going on. He'll talk about the creation and control of money, who created the credit crisis and why, and who's really behind the Federal Reserve. Steven will also touch on oil, Arabs, wars and what nobody is telling us! This may be a little bit over my head and if it gets too heavy, I'll tell him that I have to break for our action packed 5 o'clock news hour and move right on with the Puffman Show. I do want to hear his solution for easily reducing our national debt along with his ideas and steps for global prosperity, happiness and peace. I thought we had that figured out back at Woodstock in '69!