They're Gary & Becky (she was an Ihnen) & they farm 32 miles east of Brady in the northwest corner of Choteau County in an area north of "The Knees." known as the Ashmoor Community. Montana Agriculture Appreciation is going on this month (March) & the Gollehons are certainly an example of today's modern Montana farmer. Gary's great-grandparents blew in here from Cottonwood, Idaho back in 1911, & "The Knees" area has never been the same since. Robert & Eliza Deardorff homesteaded & lived in the area until 1922 when they sold their homestead to their son-in-law, Fred Kaun & daughter, Clara, & they moved to a place near Collins. Fred was born & raised in Wisconsin & in 1911, he & his brother, Herman, came out to Montana & filed on their homesteads, 26 miles east of Brady. They had ridden an emigrant car to Brady, with 4 horses, 1 cow, an 8 foot drill, a mowing machine, a sulky rake, a 2 bottom plow, 2 beds & other necessities to start a homestead. They left the color TV back in the Cheese-Head state! Gary's folks, Bob & Maxine (she was a Kaun) were married back in October of 1940. Gary's proud pop was born in Virginia & came to Montana with his brother, Paul & his Uncle, Ferd Gollehon. In 1942, Grandpa Kaun suffered a heart attack & Gary's mom & dad moved out to help Grandpa & Grandma with the farming. That year they were able to buy 320 acres from the Union Central Life Insurance Company that was located on the Bootlegger Trail & north of "The Knees." In 1945, Gary's folks rented some land from a couple who had come to Montana from Switzerland & homesteaded in the area. Gary Gollehon's sister, Shirley, & twin brothers, Ron & Don, along with Gary, grew up in the Ashmoor Community, went to all 8 grades at the Ashmoor School & graduated from Brady High School. Gary attended MSC-Bozeman but had to return to the family farm when his dad had surgery. Gary eventually rented some farm ground & in 1967, Gary tied the ol' knot with Becky. The Gollehons have raised 2 daughters, Heidi (Fritz) & Lorie (Hasner). Heidi & her husband, Joe, live on Gary's great grandparents, Robert & Eliza Deardorff, homestead & Lorie & Jamin live down in Great Falls. Heidi & Joe have 2 boys...Justin's a freshman playing football at NMC Northern at Havre & Garrett is a freshman at Dutton-Brady. Lorie & Jamin have a boy, Braxton who's a senior at Dutton-Brady & playing football with his cousin, Justin, at NMC Northern; Ashland (a Junior at CMR down in Great falls & Megan, a freshman at CMR & playing CMR Freshman basketball. Justin & Garrett Fritz are the 6th generation out on the Gollehon family farm & they plan to return to the farm/ranch after their continuing education, to continue the agricultural legacy that their ancestors had established for them. It is easy to see during Montana Agriculture Appreciation that farm life continues to go "ON" for the Golleh"ONS"!