Outside of marrying a radio broadcaster...how DO you marry the right guy? It's all in the new hardcover book that I'll be giving away this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia! The book is, "How To Marry The Right Guy" written by Dr. Charles D. Schmitz & Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz. Hmmmmmm...these folks must be married (unless they're brother & sister or something!). Included in this book that I'm giving away is the "Marry the Right Guy Quiz" aimed at providing the reader with the 33 indicators required to make a great husband. Based upon more than 30 years of research in 48 countries & on all 7 of the world's continents by America's #1 Love & Marriage Experts, these 33 indicators allow women to discover how their guy stacks up to an ideal husband. Perhaps Larry King's first 6 or 7 wives should have checked this read out FIRST! "How To Marry The Right Guy"  from Briarcliff Books at bookstores is available at bookstores nationwide or on Amazon.com. Listen to WIN this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia... just in time for Valentine's Day! I've got a great musical trivia question about one of our great female recording artists from the 1970's. See you at 4:30 today on Puffman Musical Trivia.