I was at the Marias Heritage Center last night for my usual Tuesday evening Montana History reading. The more time I spend there, the more I am aware of what a wonderful facility this is for our community. I can truly understand how our area seniors can actually MAINTAIN their independence in this safe, secure environment. The Marias Heritage Center allows a person to continue their present lifestyle and pursue their interests and hobbies WITHOUT the work and expense of maintaining a home. I often times blog about my Tuesday evening reading to the residents, but there's a ton of other activities up at the Heritage. There's outings (they've been to Glacier!), presentations, socials, musical entertainment ...although as of yet, they have NOT asked me to sing! They have cards and other games and some of the residents are always enjoy working on those beautiful jigsaw puzzles. I'd like to help out but I can't figure out how the little pieces fit together. Marie Ostrem, however, is GREAT on the puzzles. There's an exercise room, a library, computer with DSL access, a patio, a beautifully landscaped courtyard, off-street parking, and you haven't seen anything until you've seen their formal dining room for special occasions or catered entertaining. Marias Heritage Center is truly a beautiful place to spend your senior years with peace of mind...there's 24 hour staffing and emergency call response for all the residents along with security camera & an after hours secured entry system. Marias Heritage Center living gives one a full life with more time for the people and things that they enjoy without the chores and responsibilities of living alone. The staff is excellent and goes over and above what is required of them. In all of years of visiting up there, I have never talked to even ONE resident that has regretted the decision to move up there.  Just the opposite actually. I think we are all blessed by having such a facility in our community. Judy Richman  is the person to talk to and she can be reached at 434 3290. In the meantime, I'll see you all next Tuesday evening for Montana History at the Heritage.