The new hardcover book, "Live Forever", according to Caleb Quaye, original guitarist for Elton John, "is an amazing TRUE story of redemption & a must-read for anyone who has lost their way in life's journey", & this book is tomorrow (Saturday) morning's prize on Puffman Sports Trivia at 7:30. "Live Forever" is Grammy winner's Mylon Le Fevre's journey from King of Rock 'n' Roll to the King of Kings. Mylonn Le Fevre, winner of Grammy & Dove Awards, is widely recognized as one of the most influential early contributors to the Christian Music genre. He hails from the legendary gospel singing family, The Le Fevre's. When he was 17 years old, his 1st song, "Without Him" was recorded by Elvis. Since then, 126 artists have recorded his songs. "Live Forever" is an honest portrayal of Mylon's story, from playing stadiums & coliseums to getting high with some of the biggest rock stars in the world. The man was trapped in a pit of depression & loneliness-until he found God. This is a life changing book & the 1st caller in with the correct answer to my sports trivia question WINS the book. Check it out at: & then listen to WIN tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. I have an "Uplifting" sports trivia question picked out for Saturday morning pertaining to funerals...YOURS & other people's. Now that I cheered up your day, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia!