I thoroughly enjoy living here in our Golden Triangle. Life here on the Hi-Line seems "just right". I do think that when asked to name Montana's most colorful city, I'd have to say that the old mining city, Butte, takes that honor. The Montana Historical Society is publishing a new book about growing up in Butte, "Mining Childhood". "Mining Childhood" shares the excitement of growing up in Butte, & the hardships of living at the foot of the city's copper mines. I can't wait to read this tome. It HAS to be a real slice of life. I am also more than anxious to share this "Butte book" with our Tuesday evening Montana History reading group up at the Marias Heritage Center. Much of the $35,000 price tag for publishing this book has already been funded through in-kind contributions, gifts, & grants. The Historical Society just needs $5000 to see the project through to completion. You can make an easy donation through Kickstarter.com. Kickstarter is NOT a rock n' roll band...it's a funding platform for creative projects, allowing backers to donate small amounts of money-as low as one dollar-toward a large goal. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal by the deadline, all backers' credit cards are charged. If the project falls short, no one is charged. This seems more than reasonable to me. Puffman Blog readers can learn more about "Mining Childhood" on Kickstarter at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/278008096/mining-childhood-growing-up-in-butte-19001960. I have to tell you, Butte is always a blast to visit or even read about. Myself? I'm glad I grew up in Great Falls. I'm not sure I would have gotten out of Butte alive!