Helena's award winning author, Lenore McKelvey Puhek (her last name rhymes with Buick), is on her way to Great Falls IN her Buick because this coming Saturday, the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Heritage Center is having a convention in the Electric City, & Lenore's "Annie" is being inducted into their Hall of Fame.In fact, Lenore spoke at the Montana Historical Society down in Helena just last month! We are all enjoying Lenore's "No Time for Tears" (Lenore's 4th tome) during our Montana History reading up at the Marias Heritage Center. "Annie:The Cabin in the Woods" is Lenore's 2nd book in her series of 4 historical novels based upon stories about real people who came to live & work in Montana Territory. Lenore will be accepting the special certificate on Saturday & will have an opportunity to view the beautiful wall plague. A well deserved honor if you ask me & if you ask me, I image that "Annie" might be saying, "My laws, what's all this fuss about? Come on Jocko. Let's go fishin'." Congratulations Lenore, an honor well deserved for one of our GREAT Montana authors!