It's springtime here in the Rockies and it was also "Spring in St. Louis" last evening (Tuesday) at the Heritage Center as we finished chapter 42, "Spring in St. Louis" in Lenore McKelvey Puhek's (her last name rhymes with Buick but the last I heard, she was using an old red wagon to pull her groceries home) "Forever Friends-The journey of two families from Civil War Virginia to Montana Territory 1860-1868". It is Lenore's third book in a series featuring pioneer women. I love reading this book Tuesday evenings when I read Montana History at the Heritage Center. So much went on in last night's reading, that my head is literally spinning still today. To sum it all up, Amelia (Jeremiah's old beau and the rich handsome young doctor got hitched, the doc got killed by a wounded Civil War soldier who went berserk, Josie found out that she was, how should I say it(?) a "family way", Jeremiah was shocked, Beulah got educated, the Civil War is more or less over (it's 1865 and President Lincoln has been assassinated), the Mutchniks" have sold the mercantile and are planning to grab a boat and head to Montana Territory with Jeremiah and Josie, up in Boston, Amelia's heart is broken as the result of her new husband's death and she is also ready to head up west also. Wow! Sometimes I feel like this whole area was settled by folks running away. And they talk about Australia! Only probably I see here is that Amelia is now single and still thinks of Jeremiah, Jeremiah is with wife and soon-to-be baby and they might all end up on the same boat to Fort Benton!  And to think Lenore feels she has problems with her car! I've got half a mind to read the end of this saga because I am most curious how things are going to shake out. Is this going to turn into another "Three's Company"? I WILL be patient and wait as I intend to finish this wonderfully delightful read next Tuesday evening at 6 at the Heritage. In the meantime, I again encourage you to go out and get this book. Lenore mail orders the book and pays postage. Her address is P.O. Box 6002; Helena, Montana 59604