The Pondera County Commissioners will be sponsoring an informational meeting that will provide local landowners who have water on their property with some tools they need to help make a more informed decision on selling their water and the required process and rules to follow to legally sell water to oil and gas developers along with others who may need water to do business. This informational event is scheduled for this Wednesday at 1PM at the Pondera Center in Conrad. Kraig Van Voast, deputy regional manager DNRC  and Matt Miles, water resources specialist DNRC, both of Havre will lead the session. The meeting is free and there will, of course, be a questions and answers portion for the audience. For more information, contact the  County Commissioners at 271 4053 or the MSU Pondera County Extension Office at 271 4054. Knowledge is power and there's high interest from our local landowners who have water on their property. I think it behooves all of us to gain as much knowledge as possible ahead of the coming oil activity. I hope someone mentions the "nodding donkeys" at this gathering on Wednesday!