How can YOU get the BEST medical care? For starters, I suggest checking out the new book, "The Take-Charge Patient" from Martine Ehrenclou, M.A. This new read from the author of the award-winning "Critical Conditions" is for anyone facing a complex diagnosis or condition in today's increasingly complicated health world. "ForeWord Reviews" says "The Take-Charge Patient" is a valuable tool & guide with sound advice that won't soon be outdated. Publishers Weekly is equally high on this informative read that's already been featured on NBC Nightly News. "The Take-Charge Patient" puts the power of 200 medical professionals in YOUR hands. Martine Ehrenclou empowers you, the patient to become a proactive, well informed participant in your own health care. With advice & personal stories from over 200 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health professionals & patients, "The Take-Charge Patient" reveals insider information on how to cut through the red tape & navigate our complex health care system with confidence. In fact, in looking through this easy to read book, I find the most complicated thing is how to pronounce the author's name(!) & that's a subject for another Puffman Blog. I invite you to visit this lady author's website at: It's from Lemon Grove Press out in California. See Be sure & look at the chapter on how to find discounted medical care &'s an eyeopener! Our health, such an important subject. Like I like to say, "Ignore your health, & it will go away!