've got a fascinating interview coming up at 4:35 this afternoon (Thursday). My special guest will be New York Times bestselling author John Weisman. Weiman has penned "KBL; Kill Bin Laden" and what a story-behind-the-story it is. This book revels how the CIA discovered Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad and set up its own safe house to monitor it. I'm also going to ask him to share the as-yet-untold story of what happened when Bin Laden's corpse arrived on the USS Carl Vinson. See you at 4:30 and I'll also be giving away a hardback copy of the John Weisman book, "KBL: Kill Bin Laden". My hair is standing on end all ready and I"m the Puffman. By the way or BTW as the really hip people say, I'm glad I'm not a radio pronouncer in Abbottabad...I don't know how I would ever pronounce the name once a hour for the station identification announcement!