World-renowned animal expert Jack Hanna, better known as "Jungle Jack", is on his way to Great Falls to present his program Tuesday, August 14th at 7 o'clock at the Mansfield Center and the infamous Norma Ashby is joining me on the Puffman Show tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 4:35 to share the details of Hanna's Great Falls visit. Jack Hanna's program is being presented by the Great Falls Advertising Federation as its 2nd Celebrity Celebration (I think Norma was probably the 1st, and if not, she should have been)! Norma tells me that Hanna's program promises to be an exciting one featuring a variety of live animals and videos showing his adventures with animals throughout the world. Hanna is a real big deal and you see him all the time on the Letterman Show and also "Good Morning America". In fact, he's such a big deal, that I couldn't get him on the Puffman Show, I have to settle for Norma but I'd rather have her anyway. The Ad Club is donating a percentage of the ticket proceeds to the Animal Foundation of Great Falls. There will be drawings for children for 5 stuffed animals donated by Amazing Toys and tickets are available at the Mansfield Box Office in person or by calling 455 8514. And here's some advice from the Puffman...if you see Hanna walking through the Great Falls International Airport, please don't call out "Hi Jack". See you tomorrow afternoon with Norma Ashby who's not afraid of any kind of animal...UNLESS it's a snake!