July 2014 marks 2 key wildfire anniversaries which serve as an important reminder that families need to take proactive steps to protect themselves & their property against wildfires. Sunday, July 6th, was the 20th anniversary of the South Canyon Wildfire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado, during which 14 firefighters died. In July 1989, the Black Tiger Fire swept through residential areas in Boulder County, Colorado, destroying 44 homes & burning almost 2100 acres. The lessons learned from the Black Tiger Fire were a catalyst for many of the current recommended mitigation measures established by firefighting organizations. In recognition of both anniversaries, the "FEMA Folks" want you to prepare yourself, your family & your property for wildfires. Taking steps to mitigate not only protects you, but also can reduce the risk to firefighters that respond to wildfires. Throughout this week, FEMA's Region VIII office down in Denver, the National Fire Protection Association's Firewise Communities Program, & the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region will be sharing information on how we can prepare ourselves, our families, & our properties for wildfires...check it out at: www.ready.gov/wildfires & www.firewise.org. In fact, I'll be blogging on how you can protect YOUR property on a future Puffman Blog.