Jim Anderson, down at Grizzly Sports & Grizzly Auto usually joins me Monday mornings around 7 o'clock to talk ammo, guns, & outdoor fun. THIS Monday, Jim is where he loves best..."The Great Bob Marshall Wilderness". Jim Anderson is what Montana is all about. I'll still be on the line with Grizzly Sports this Monday morning but Becky will be along from Grizzly Sports & Grizzly Auto in Choteau. We'll find out how it's going with Jim in the Bob & of course talk about fall & winter clothing as we get ready for another Montana winter. We'll catch up with what the greenie liberals are up to when Jim returns from the Bob NEXT Monday morning. See you this Monday morning around a quarter to 7 with the Puffman & Becky on KSEN & K(^ FM. In the meantime, enjoy a grizzly kind of weekend.