Hello, Puffman Blog readers. I promised you that I would focus on sports in my next blog and here I go. Our FM station, K-96 (home of the All Nite Diner) will be broadcasting the CJI girls AND boys basketball games beginning at 5:50 this afternoon. We'll broadcast the girls' contest first and guess what? The winner of this game will take the lead in the 10 C girls division! Mark Daniels will be courtside to give us all the play by play action. The boys' matchup looks to me like a spirited contest also. Saturday afternoon and evening we have even more courtside coverage. We're scheduled to carry the Shelby girls at Browning beginning at 7:20 Saturday night on our AM, KSEN AM 1150 while over on the FM side, K 96 FM (home of the All Nite Diner), we'll carry the Browning boys at Shelby. Gary Gooden will be handling the chores for the Shelby/Browning girls  broadcast while the Dean-of-Good Broadcasting, Mike Dean will do the Browning/Shelby boys matchup. Both broadcasts kick off at 7:20 Saturday night and of course, we'll be streaming them as well.

Speaking of steaming and all, I hope you are not only enjoying our streaming but also our new websites.

I am going to kickback this weekend and get rested up in order that I come in on Monday with a full head of steam and some great ideas for the Puffman blog. Being a bladder cancer patient/survivor (at this point), I would like to blog a little bit about cancer and share my feelings and ideas. I also intend to blog on highway safety. Two ideas that I feel need to be addressed. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, put up with the weather, and realize that it will soon be 'SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES.