That's what B.D. Salerno says in her new book, "Forensics by the Stars: Astrology Investigates" from iUniverse, Inc. In "Forensics by the Stars", author B.D. Salerno, an astrologer for more than 20 years, provides insight into the fascinating world of solving crimes & understanding, both natural & man made disasters by applying astrologic science to interpreting event charts & revealing the clues they contain. "Forensics by the Stars" analyzes the murder of Marilyn Monroe, the Lindbergh kidnapping, several missing persons cases, & a number of natural & man made disasters. Salerno explains how to interpret the event horoscopes & astrologic charts to help understand the outcome of certain events. Like threads of carpeting, blood spatter, or fingerprints, forensic astrology can reveal an astonishing amount of detail about an event. I'm going to peruse her book & try to figure out who took my KSEN coffee cup! It looks like a riveting read...the snooping Salerno has worked with investigators on several cold cases of missing persons & is currently developing methods for the astrological profiling of criminals. The woman lives in both Highland Park, New Jersey AND Tucson, Arizona. If you ask me, anyone who lives in TWO places has to know something! Check out B.D. Salerno's "Forensics by the Stars" from: I'll get back to you on the "missing KSEN coffee cup in a later Puffman Blog.