Probably here in the Golden Triangle, we pay rapt attention to agriculture because it is our lifeline, and really. our country's lifeline. Agriculture is what the Golden Triangle is all about. Brady area farmer Gary Gollehon reports that Kansas and Oklahoma recently received anywhere from an inch or two of rain. Moisture at this time means weeds. Texas didn't receive any moisture but the adjusters are arguing amongst themselves as the landlords and the renters don't use the same adjusters, and in order to satisfy the insurance, the crop must be harvested! A farmer in Oklahoma thinks he will have 1500 acres to harvest out of 3,000. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado are in the stronghold of a severe drought this year and that is certainly something all of us here in the Golden Triangle can relate to from our past years of drought. Let's all hope for good crops and good prices at the elevators this year. Happy summer!