There is(!) & he's Dr. Richard Buker over in Chester. We'll all be reading about in the infamous Dr. Buker this evening (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center during our Tuesday evening "Montana History" gathering in the Sun Room. We'll be continuing with our  book, "The Hi-Line; Profiles Of A Montana Land", by author Daniel N. Vichorek & tonight we'll learning about Chester medical practitioner Dr. Richard Buker, Jr., M.D. Ask anybody in Chester what makes their community different from others & many of them will say the name of one man: Dr. Buker. Dr. Buker has been nationally recognized as a sort of phenomenon.. In fact, Dr. Buker won our KSEN/K 96FM Radio "Silver Spur Award some years back for his community service. Dr. Buker was born in Boston of parents who were medical missionaries. As a young lad he lived in Burma & India, & went to prep school back in New York State. After Yale Medical School (yeah, he's a Yale man!). Dr. Buker said that he had always wanted to do rural medical practice & sent out inquiries to states with medical schools, asking whether they needed any rural physician. Long story short...the man ended up in Chester & the rest is history...Montana History! Although more or less retired, Dr.Buker writes a feature for the weekly Daily Bugle in Chester, the Liberty County Times, & I always look forward to reading his column. Talk about a "great bank" of medical knowledge AND experience! Nothing beats experience as I like to tell my younger co-workers. I'm looking forward to more "Montana History" this evening at 6 at the Heritage Center. See you then.