A conversation on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning renewed a point I debated myself years ago:

Should Batman be considered a super hero?

Look at the classic super heros. Superman could fly, had super strength and speed, x-ray vision, etc. Aquaman had telepathy to communicate with animals of the deep. Spiderman had his 'spidey sense' and extraordinary dexterity. The Flash had amazing speed. Truly superhuman qualities.

While no one can debate Batman's heroic service to Gotham City, he was more a man with a great set of gadgets, a sidekick (none of the above superheroes needed help!), and a cool costume and car. Mike Greenberg's argument was that Batman was a member of the Justice League of America, so he had to be a super hero -- not to mention he had to be the coolest, with the brooding, the cowel, the Batcave, etc. Still, I believe Mike Golic's argument, and mine, is all of that -- the gadgets, the car, the outfit -- make him more like James Bond than Superman. A great crime-fighting hero, but not super.

How do you define super hero? Is Batman, or Ironman, or Green Lantern, a super hero?