I'll be up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby tonight (Tuesday) to read more "Montana History". We're more than 3 quarters way through the book "Girl from the Gulches; The Story of Mary Ronan" as told to Margaret Ronan & it gets better every week. The young Mary Sheehan is now married to Peter Ronan & they are enjoying married life over on the Flathead Indian Reservation where Peter has hung his hat an an Indian agent. This looks like a good deal for Peter compared to his last 3 vocations...2 or his newspaper offices burned to the ground & after mining gold in Helena, his gold was STOLEN! Their life now-a-days looks like a Socialist's dream. They live in a nice home with a lady cook. There's a fireplace & they have 4 or 5 government cows! The valley is beautiful, All the residences there were weather boarded & enclosed with low picket fences; the yards were planted with flower gardens & shade trees. There was a big red barn, a fence-enclosed vegetable garden, a pasture with a zigzag fence, apples trees, plum trees, currant, gooseberry, raspberry & blackberry bushes, & strawberry plants. & I thought the Heritage Center was nice! The livin's easy for the Ronans. Of course, after 2 fires & a robbery, it's uphill from here. See you tonight at 6 SHARP for "Montana History" reading at the Heritage Center. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can hire on somewhere as an Indian agent!