I've done a lot of moving in my lifetime, but it's usually been across town.  I had never given it much thought.  Until...that is...moving me, my wife, two cats and of course...all of our stuff some 200 miles over from the Mission Valley (Ronan, MT) back to Shelby ("home...home on the plains").

My lovely wife (Robin) is the REAL TROOPER HERE!  She's packed everything up after I started working in sales at KSEN and K-96 in January to get it all ready to load on to flatbeds, pickups, trailers and anything else we could beg, borrow or steal to get the job done, to transport all our STUFF.

Now, the task for us (by us, I really mean Robin) has been unpacking, sorting and finding new homes for everything that we had hung up on the walls and on shelves in our cozy little Ronan home.  I think our cats have been thoroughly entertained, watching us trying to find everything.

Just one final thought about moving.  If you do move, make sure you've been extra nice to your family and friends...YOU'RE GOING TO NEED THEM TO HELP OUT!! Oh...and just one more thing about  packing your STUFF.  Make sure that when you pack it away...LABEL THE BOXES!  This unpacking adventure has been more like Christmas!   We never know what we're going to find next!!
Until Next time...

Adam Gottfried