I received a missive last week from the Highways Department! No, not our Montana Department of Transportation down in Helena. This one came all the way from the Hong Kong Highways Department Government Offices over in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Now I don't know much about that part of the world, but I have often dined at the Shelby Kowloons down on Main Street in Uptown Shelby. A Mr. Chan Wong, who's the Group Managing Director (GMD)/ chairman dept reconciliation committee at the Hong Kong Highways Department (HKHD), tells me of a "top secret" swift transfer of some 35 million (with a M) dollars) and that I am entitled to share 45% of the total funds! They must set aside 10% on account of any local & foreign incidental expenses, but I'm not complaining...it's more money than I make in 6 months at my radio gig. I intend to get back to Mr. Wong ASAP with my private telephone & fax numbers, along with my bank name & address to get this " transfer of funds" coming my way. I'll keep you informed and updated in future Puffman Blogs. Don't worry, even with this new influx of cash, I intend to stay here, at both, my radio gig AND my blog writing. Everything should remain the same, except that I will probably be lighting my cigars with $100 bills. And yes, I intend to still remain the humble ol' Puffman!