I've come up with an "Advance Review Copy" of Letitia Trent's debut novel, "Echo Lake" & it's "Up for grabs" this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia! It looks like a real potboiler to me...30 something Emily Collins inherits her recently murdered aunt's house. She decides to move to Heartshorne, Oklahoma, to claim it & confront her family's dark past after her dead mother begins speaking to her in dreams, propelling this gothic, neo-noir thriller toward terrifying revelations of murderous small-town justice when a horrible community secret is revealed through the supernatural pull of ECHO Lake." World famous author Kyle Minor says "Echo Lake" is the coming-out party for Letitia Trent & calls her "The new poet-queen of neo-noir." I'm not even sure what the heck "neo-noir" is...I've never seen it on the menu out at Darrell Keck's Dixie Inn! I DO know that I've come up with a great musical trivia question on an American R & B group out of Philly with GOLD Discs for THREE of their hit singles. See you later this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia for your chance to WIN this Advance Review Copy of Letitia Trent's dark, ominous, & lyrical, "Echo Lake."  Check it out from Dark House Press at: www.thedarkhousepress.com.