Well, I felt like I did after previewing the book, "Who Believes in Roswell-Discovering the Profile of the Roswell Believer." Frank Borzellieri's book is a good read if, for no other reason, the foreword was written by George Noory. If you're a "Coast to Coast" fan, I don't have to tell you who George Noory is. In fact, in my opinion, his picture on some of the websites looks every bit as strange as the man seems to be. Frank Borzellieri's my 4:35 guest this afternoon (Monday). Frank is adjunct professor of journalism and media writing at St. John's University in New York City. He's the author of 6 books and has written hundreds of newspapers articles published in a ton of journals including Newsday, USA Today, and the New York Daily News. He's been profiled in many major newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Washington Times, New York Post, and the Village Voice. Borzellieri has already done the Ricki Lake Show, Geraldo, Fox Sunday Morning, Good Morning America, Leeza Gibbons not to mention Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Curtis Sliwa (who?), and Bob Grant. Now this afternoon, he's in the barrel on the Puffman Show. I first heard this fellow on Tom Mischke's broadcast on WCCO in Minneapolis and if he's good enough for Mischke, he's more than good enough for me. What Frank has had done (besides being on the world famous Mischke Broadcast), as a graduate student at Fordham University, is to conduct the most exhaustive and definitive research into answering the question: "Who Believes in Roswell?" "Who Believes in Roswell" provides the profile of both the Roswell believer (that's me) and the Roswell disbeliever. One reason I believe is because I saw the "Alien Autopsy" several years back on Fox and came away feeling sorry for the little guy. Besides, had it not been for Roswell, we probably wouldn't have computers or transistors for our radios. See you at 4:35 this afternoon to explore what really happened in the New Mexico desert back in 1947.