That's what the late Charlie Russell said about the "little woman", Nancy Cooper Russell & we're currently enjoying a book about Charlie & the missus up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I'll be reporting to the sun room at the Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) at 6 to read more "Montana History". Author Joan Stauffer reveals that "Nancy & Charlie's union created a practical synergy. Always an advocate for her husband, a steward of his art, & a liaison to his admires & critics, Nancy's greatest contribution may have been the inspiration she provided Charles". In my opinion, she was a headstrong "no fun allowed" woman, but whatever she did, or however she went about it, Charlie became a certified success! It was pretty much "shut up & paint, no more than 2 drinks a night with your buddies, & keep your nose to the grindstone, I'll do the thinking!". That said, it's a great book with a great deal of early Montana (especially Great Falls) history & I'm becoming a real Charlie Russell fan since we started reading this tome. Check it out at the C. M. Russell Museum in Great's "Behind Every Man-The Story Of Nancy Cooper Russell" from the University of Oklahoma Press. At any rate, old Charlie is finally getting some peace & rest. See you tonight at the Heritage.