I'm more than anxious to return to the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby, to read more "Montana History" this evening (Tuesday) at 6 o'clock. My friend, Marie Ostrem, was kind enough to fill in for me last Tuesday & I really missed seeing the residents & enjoying more of the book we're currently reading, "Nothing To Tell", a story of some pioneer Montana ranch women. & believe me, these women had a lot to tell! It's quite a story of surviving all odds & "making it" our here on the Montana prairies back in the frontier days. It has certainly opened my eyes to how things were & what things were like. In a word, "struggle". I knew there were hard times but had no idea what it was really like. Check out the book, you'll find it fascinating. I'll see you this evening at 6 at the Heritage. By the way, I heard Judy on the radio this morning, & there is an apartment opening at the beautiful Marias Heritage Center, retirement living at it's best. The way I was feeling last week, I thought I was about ready to move in! Either that, or calling Dan Whitted! If YOU would like to find out about living the good life in your retirement years, give Judy Richman a call at 434 3290. She'll be more than happy to give you a tour of this spacious facility. See you this evening at the Heritage.