I'll be up at the Marias Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) to read/share MORE Montana History. We're currently reading the Dale Sheldon's saga, "Who Lost" & we're all enjoying Dale's 1st book immensely. I'm only "Warming up" the Heritage folks tonight because THE man himself, fearless Dale Sheldon from Conrad, will be at the Heritage LIVE & IN PERSON on Friday evening, May 30th, with a very special presentation. That's only 1 week from this Friday. Me? I'm looking forward to "reading" Dale tonight beginning at 6 o'clock SHARP & then attending Dale's presentation next Friday evening. Delvin' into Sheldon...that's what we're doing at the Heritage Center. See you tonight for more of "Who Lost" & if you haven't picked the book up yet, be sure & check it out at area retail outlets & Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble.com. I think you can even call the man himself (271 5330) to obtaint your own "autographed" copy. Take it from me, I read a ton of books, & this is one of the BEST!