It's a "grizzly" read for's "The Beasts of Buchenwald: Human-Skin Lampshades, & The War-Crimes Trial Of The Century", Outstanding author, Flint Whitlock, who wrote " Buchenwald: Hell on a Hilltop", will be joining me this afternoon (Monday) at 4:45 to talk about his "Must-read" for anyone who doesn't believe in monsters! How WAS it possible that Karl & Ilse Koch, a seemingly ordinary couple who ran Nazi German's infamous concentration camp, could have been loving parents while brutalizing prisoners & committing some of the worst atrocities known to mankind. This searing account by one of America's leader military historians exposes the whole ghastly story. Michael E. Haskew, Editor of "WW11 History Magazine" blasts "The Beasts of Buchenwalkd" paints a chilling portrait of callous inhumanity. Whitlock tells the story with an urgency which resonates across the decades-the product of extensive research & an often-demonstrated gift for insightful writing. Writer Whitlock is a former U.S. Army office & the award-winning author of several books of military history. His magazine article on the liberation of Dachau won the U.S. Army Historical Foundation's Distinguished Article Award & 3 of his books have been finalists in the Colorado Book Awards! "The Beasts of Buchenwald" explores not only the Kochs, but the environment they lived in & the concentration camp they shaped. The evil they perpetrated was hardly banal & they themselves were cruel, sadistic, corrupt & perverse.  I've read the book & wasn't able to put it down once I started. It leaves a lasting impression for sure. Looking forward to talking with Flint Whitlock from Colorado this afternoon at 4:45. & yes, these "BEASTS" at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp (the Kochs) DID use "human-skin" from the prisoners to make lampshades! To say that Whitlock's book is "amply illustrated" is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century!! The pictures in the book alone will knock your socks off! I encourage you to check out the book from Cable Publishing in Brule, Wisconsin at your earliest convenience!!