I received word minutes ago that the custom guys are just finishing up at Larry Goyer's place down in Clinton, Oklahoma. The general feeling down there seems to be that the yields should run close to 40 bushel with test weights from 59 to 61 pounds. Ken Adderholt over in Vernon/Harrold, Texas says his crop averaged 41 bushels with test weights around 60 pounds. I think we have to keep in mind that neither Texas nor Oklahoma checks protein on the grain. Why they do not remains a mystery to me and I plan to address it in a future blog. I do know that those folks in both Oklahoma and Texas have been experiencing a great deal of heat and strong winds...still no excuse not to check for protein on their grain. The custom guys are planning on moving their machines north, splitting them up and going to 2 different locations in Oklahoma and then further north into Kansas. The producers in Kansas are telling me that rain will not be much of a factor in finishing their crops. I know it's only the day AFTER Memorial Day, but it won't be too long before the harvest season is underway here in the Golden Triangle. I wish all our farmers the very best for this season. See you in September, as the old song says.