Following the story about Coach Ron Kowalski and his impressive record over 29 years as the Head Coach in Cut Bank a listener called to tell us that in the 70’s, the Point Drive Inn, which used to be where the East End Town Pump is now, the owner would take a penny off the price of  a “King Burger,” for every point the Wolves won by.

At times, that would be up to 39 points or more, making the 99-cent double King Burger just 60-cents.   Ah, the good old days.

The listener also told me that he thinks a big reason for Coach Kowalski’s success was that anytime his teams got up by three touchdowns he brought in the bench, giving them experience and making them better players.

I do agree with that theory, but always getting up by three touchdowns can be easier said than done.

By the way, Jeremy LaBarre of  Conrad was our sports trivia winner this (Tues.) morning.   He knew that Coach Kowalski and Cut Bank won 35 games in a row and two State B Championships from 1989 thru 1991.     Jeremy said he partly remembered that

Because he suffered thru three of  those losses while a player at Fort Benton.

And Jeremy won two tickets to this Friday nights fish fry in Conrad to benefit the Pondera Medical Center.    The fish fry proceeds will help the P-M-C purchase a body-solid pro leg press machine.         It’s at the Moose Lodge if you want to go.