400 pounds according to Peter Franklin, the wisecracking New York City cabdriver. The Gabby Cabby is going to be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. Pete tells me that "manhole lid theft" is on the rise in his town. It doesn't surprise me. ANYTHING can happen in New York City, including getting kicked out of your apartment like Pete was recently. I'm not sure how the streets are in the Big Apple, but I can tell you that the roads must be rocky, Pete talks about a "rocky road" to the Presidency in our broadcast and also on his True Tales web page. I know that Pete is the world's last English speaking cab driver, but now he claims that 38% of the New York cabbies hail from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (I think the Beatles did a concert there or something). He says they not only don't speak English, they speak Punjabi and Urdu. I'm not sure about Urdu but I remember a character from the old Orphan Annie comic strip named Punjab although he seemed to speak American in the strip and not Punjab! Pete claims these guys were actually doctors and lawyers in their native lands but for some reason, can't readily obtain a license to practice in New York City. Who knows, perhaps the Gabby Cabby was a lawyer or physician at one time in his life and he somehow lost his license! I know this, I'd rather ride with the man than have him defend me in court or operate on my stomach! See you at 4:35 this afternoon for the Gabby Cabby on KSEN. Be sure and check out his website at Gabby.com. It indeed, is the online home of the Gabby Cabby.