I guess we'll find out when we read the book, "High Tide at Midnight; Quid Pro Quo" penned by Herb Stephens. Mr. Stephens new novel uses humor to discuss fitness, health & relationships. In "High Tide at Midnight," he offers readers a witty comedy about 5 adventurous men who escape their current relationships. Stephens says the book is designed to entertain & at the same time teach people that they do not have to be stuck in bad relationships. Readers follow 5 men who decide to leave their overweight wives & embark on a sailing trip to the Philippines. After encountering many surprises, they later discover that their wives have slimmed down & found new love. Yeah, but how long before the pleasingly plump women chub up & put those pounds back on...that's what I want to know! Stephens' direct, comedic writing style not only tells an intriguing story, but also provides insight on the diverse subjects of marriage, weight loss & sailing. I note that Stephens dedicated his book to "The children that we lost in New Town, Connecticut.Very commendable Herb! "High Tide at Midnight" is available online at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.