I'm keeping an eye on this year's coming crop and received a report this morning from some folks within 40 miles of Woodward, Oklahoma and they tell me that some twisters hit their area with a vengeance over the weekend. Even further south in the Vernon/Harrold, Texas area, the rust is looking rather severe on some of the crops. Jackpot appears to be the hardest hit. The wheat is in the soft-dough and the recent rains of up to 2 inches have made the crops through harvest, which is predicted to be sometime around the middle of next month (May). To the north, and to our south out in Kansas, the wheat is shooting a flag-leaf and also is looking good from the recent rains. One concern would be frost that could present a problem as the grain has matured earlier than normal this year, as their last frost-date is May 7th. About this time of year, I like to keep a eye on what's happening in the southern and middle part of the country because I've found that what happens down there will, no doubt, happen up here sooner or later. In the meantime, speaking of wheat, I'm going to take a break from my Puffman Blog and grab a sandwich. Make that on WHOLE wheat and skip the mayo.