I believe it was 16 below when I left the radio station last evening and headed for the Marias Heritage Center to read Montana History, but I can tell you that it was plenty warm and cozy inside the beautiful sun room at the Heritage. We're up to chapter #7 in Helena author Lenore Puhek's "Forever Friends" and I am loving the book already. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to begin another book after thoroughly enjoying Great Falls' author Ruth McLaughlin's "Bound Like Grass". That book, in my opinion, was so good that I couldn't imagine anything else being as captivating and engaging.  I'm already caught up in "Forever Friends" and can't wait to see what happens to Jeremiah Hicks, the affable all American poor southern farmer lad drafted into the Confederate Army at the beginning of the Civil War, not to mention the 18 year old headstrong lass, the rich southern belle Amelia Roberts. My opinion: this fellow's better off in the army getting shot at than putting up with her spoiled ways, but perhaps the Puffman is jumping to too fast a conclusion considering there's a lot of story left to tell as we take the journey with these two families from Civil War Virgina to Montana Territory 1860-1868. I CAN say that Lenore's done it again with another masterpiece featuring pioneer women. I can't wait to return next Tuesday to the Heritage to pick up where we left off last evening. In the meantime Amelia, why don't you go down to the "whine" cellar for a while!