e'll find out again this weekend (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) on the "Old Fishing Hole on both KSEN AM and K-96 FM. It's always fun for me to check in with "the regulars" and find out "how they ARE biting". I couldn't produce this program without the great help and expertise I get from Rovin' Don Groven in Havre with all the Fresno action, Dallas Denter at the cleaners/bait shop/muffler repair/small tubes/dentestry & Red Wing Shoe headquarters in Chester with his "Tiber Tales", Bob Kovatch down at Lake Francis in Valier AND...brand new to the fishing hole this year, Mr. Beep Grant in Browning with his reports from Duck Lake, Kipp Lake, Mission Lake and all the reservation lakes, not to mention Bruce Auchly at Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Great Falls to keep these 3 guys honest! If you haven't caught the "Old Fishing Hole" yet this season, I encourage you to tune in for hints of what to use, when to fish, and the size and quality of the catches recorded and produced by these area experts. I also encourage you to support our fine sponsors for making a program of this caliber and quality available (I'm the Executive Producer). They're Northern Ford, Glacier Family Foods and Eagle Beverage. And even if you're not a fisherman, you'll kick the slats out of your cradle when you hear some of Bob Kovatch's fishing jokes. He gets funnier every season with all his knee slappers. I'm still laughing after producing this week's program. The Old Fishing Hole will air tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 5:30 on our action packed 5 o'clock news hour and then again Friday morning in the 9 o'clock hour and Saturday morning around 8:30. Like I like to say, "a BAD day of fishing is better than a knuckle sandwich". I know, I know...it doesn't make much sense but I needed some way to end today's Puffman Blog. See you at the lake(s).