As far as I know, the man is STILL homeless! I'm blogging about the Gabby Cabby who got "removed from his New York City apartment several weeks back. I haven't heard different but I'll be talking with the Driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge at 4:35 this afternoon (Wednesday) on the Puffman Show. I guess if there is any upside to Pete's dilemma, it is this: thank goodness the cell phone has been invented and it's not 50 years ago when we all used landlines. Were that the case, the Gab Man probably wouldn't have access to his former landline in his former New York City Apartment in order to talk to the good folks here in the Golden Triangle. Being homeless in New York City probably isn't the greatest thing in the world, but at least Pete has a cell...or at least he did last time we talked. I'll try and reach him this afternoon on the Puffman Show.