I'll be back up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby this evening, Tuesday, at 6 o'clock sharp to read more "Montana History." These days, we're enjoying the book, "The Hi-Line; Profiles Of A Montana Land" by Daniel N. Vichorek. That's the book that features  chapters on both Cut Bank AND Shelby with our very own Shelby Mayor, Dr. Larry J. Bonderud. There's some really fascinating information on this Hi-Line area of ours that runs clear across the top of the Big Sky. After tonight, I'll be away for a couple of weeks & my friend, the nice lady who loaned me this book, Marie Ostrem, will be filling in for me for a couple of weeks. It will probably be a good thing for the Marias Heritage Center residents to hear a nice change of voice along with a new face when "Ostrem takes to the rostrum"" for the next couple of weeks. We all enjoy Marie, & take it from me, she has at ton of interesting stories & tales to share about our Hi-Line area. This woman could write a book or two herself! See you tonight at 6 for more "Montana History"...Montana history on the Hi-Line at the Marias Heritage Center. It's always fun!