Those are HIS words, not mine...he's Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, & in a missive I received earlier this week from the Gab Man, he referred to himself as a "Petty Little Man". Pete's not only in a huff, but he's in his yellow mobile conveyance vehicle on the streets of New York & he'll be joining me this afternoon at 4:35 on the Puffman Program. The cabby's jaws are tight & the man has his dander up about that "shoeless guy" in Times Square who made national news earlier on when a kindly New York City cop took pity & gave the "barefoot homeless man" a pair of boots. Pete says that the poor soul was actually living in public housing & had more shoes in his apartment than Reebok & Nike put together! Perhaps we ought to call this guy the "soul man! We'll also be gabbing about fake fireplaces, ponies & zebras along with a beautiful babe Pete posted on his website at: See you later today with the Gabby Gabby. It should be a "really big shew". By the way Pete, how many shoes to YOU own!?