I'll be asking a sports trivia question tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia about ol' Papa Bear & it's a GOOD one! Puffman here inviting you to join me in the morning for my sports trivia question. The 1st listener in at 434 5241 with the correct answer WINS New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones' new book, "Being Me; Second In The Inside Out Trilogy". "Being Me" is from a world where nothing is as it seems...except desire! Oh, oh, it's sounds STEAMY! Author Jones collaborates with Storeagetreasures.com-co-founded by A & E "Storage Wars" stars Dan & Laura Dotson. I think I remember the Dotsons...they used to give financial advice. No, wait...that was the Dolans! This is the eagerly awaited "Inside Out" sequel which was just released back in June. Jones' "Inside Out" series debuted in the Amazon top 40 within the 1st 10 days of release. Who knew that a small, musty journal forgotten in a storage locker would be the inspiration for a bestselling series of books, TV buzz, & legions of fans counting the days until the next installment? Not me, I never heard of A & E's "Storage Wars" in the 1st place! I'm mainly into "sports"! It looks like a good read though...it's the continuing story of Sara McMillan, an ordinary high school teacher with an uneventful life whose surprise acquisition of a storage unit key leads her to discover the journals of a woman she never met. Riveted by the journal writer's erotic adventures, Sara begins to obsess until she takes steps that lead her to living out the other woman's life. BUT the writer's path is dark & the men Sara meets are darker still-can she solve the riddle of what happened to the writer before she meets the same fate? Can you solve the Puffman Sports Trivia riddle on Papa Bear tomorrow morning. See you at 7:30. Check out "Being Me" from Gallery Books at major bookstores